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The following articles will help you improve PC performance and fix errors.

What is PC Optimization
Learn about optimizing your PC and why it is crucial for performance and security.

Should I Optimize My PC
Is PC optimization right for you? Find out if you can fix errors and speed up your PC.

What is the Windows Registry
What exactly is the Windows Registry and why is it so important to PC optimization. It is essential to learn about the Registry if you plan on optimizing and fixing your PC.

Do I Need to Clean the Registry
We have looked at the Windows Registry and how it works. The big question is do you need to clean the Registry and what kind of benefits can you get from doing this? Read on to learn more.

Tips to Speed Up Your PC
Some quick and easy tips that should help give a quick boost to the performance of your Windows based PC.

What are Drivers?
Find out more about PC drivers. We show you what they are and why they are crucial for top PC performance.

How to Update Vista Drivers
Windows Vista had many issues with drivers and driver incompatibilities. Learn how you can easily update Vista drivers and improver performance.

Speed Up Windows 7
Ready to add some more performance to Windows 7? Here are some quick tips that are sure to boost performance in under 5 minutes. Try them out today.

What is Spyware and How to Stop it
Spyware is extremely common and the rates of infection are always on the rise. Educate yourself about Spyware and learn how you can get protected now.

Fix EXE Errors
EXE errors are very common in Windows. We show you both the cause and cure for these annoying errors.

DLL Error Repair
DLL troubles can occur from time to time in Windows. If you are experiencing DLL errors, then check out this article to quickly fix the problem.

Duplicate Files Cluttering Your System
Did you know that duplicate files are probably using up over 10% of your valuable disk space. By cleaning up duplicate files you not only free up disk space, but you also have a more manageable and less cluttered system.

How to Get Rid of Malware
Malware poses a huge threat to any PC connected to the internet. Learn about the real dangers of malware, how you can detect it and safely remove it.

File Extensions
Having trouble opening a particular file extension. This article explains file extensions and how to locate the right software for those strange filetypes.

Windows Processes
Learn about Windows processes and why they are important to PC optimization. We will show you how to check out the running processes and how to control a freezing PC.

Clean Up Temp Files
Temporary files are created by many different applications and these can consume a lot of diskspace. Read this if you want to free up some valuable disk space in just a couple of minutes with these easy tips.

Defrag Your Hard Drive
What is defragmenting your hard drive? Learn all about defragging and how it can easily boost PC performance.

System Restore Points
System restore is a Windows feature that can get you out of a lot of trouble. If you are not using it, read this article now and protect your PC.

Speed Up Windows Startup
A slow booting PC is extremely frustrating. Luckily this can be fixed very quickly and easily. We show you how to rapidly increase your startup times on Windows in under two minutes.

Windows Vista Tweaks
We haven't forgotten about all the Vista users out there. These tweaks should help give a nice gain in performance on any Vista system.

Backing Up Your Data
Backing up data is one of the most important tasks you can perform on your PC. Learn how you can quickly and easily manage your backups and protect data.

Protect Your PC
Some quick tips to help you secure and protect your PC from unwanted malware and viruses. With thousands of new threats being created each day, PC security is vital.

Add Defragment as a Right-Click Menu Option
This handy little tweak shows you how to add the defragment option when you right-click on your hard drives. It makes it quicker and easier to run defrag and keep your PC running fast.

God Mode
We show you the secret for unlocking God Mode in Windows 7.

Fix Internet Explorer
Need to fix Internet Explorer errors or crashes. We show you how to quickly debug and fix errors related to Internet Explorer.

Outlook Express Error Codes
Are you getting strange error codes in Outlook Express. This table will show you exactly what each error code represents and how you can fix the problem.

How to Update Drivers With Total PC Health
Drivers are vital to efficient computer performance, but more often that not drivers will be missing or out-of-date. Learn how you can update and fix all of your drivers in just a couple of minutes.

Fix Win32 Errors
Win32 errors are common in the Windows XP operating system. If you are experiencing these errors, read this and learn how to get rid of them once and for all.

Fix Windows XP
Windows XP is still one of our favorite operating systems. If you are still using it, there is plenty of room for improvement. It is quite easy to repair Windows XP and boost performance. Read this article to learn more.

Fix Windows XP Black Screen
This article relates to black screen problems that occur when you first boot up. In particular, we look at fixing the master boot record to help resolve this issue.

Fix Windows XP Installer
Are you having problems with the Windows XP Installer or getting errors like the "Installer service could not be accessed". Read this and fix the installer issue now.

Windows 7 Shortcuts
Learn some of the handy new shortcuts available in Windows 7. These will definitely save you time and increase productivity.

Fix Windows Media Player
Learn how to fix problems with Windows Media Player. We also provide a list of common Media Player error codes and their definition.

Sound Not Working
Has the sound suddenly stopped working on your computer. In this article we look at some simple steps you can take to fix sound problems fast.

How to Partition a Drive in Windows 7
Learn how you can shrink a volume and create a new partition in Windows 7.

How to Partition a Drive in Windows 7 (part 2)
Learn how you can delete a partition in Windows 7 and extend an existing volume with the free disk space from the deleted partition.

Fix Printer Spooler Service
If the printer spooler service is not running these are some tips you can try out to get it started again.

Drive by Download Attacks
Learn how to protect your computer against sneak attacks like the drive by download tactic.

How to Delete Cookies
You can quickly and easily remove cookies from Internet Explorer or Firefox. Read this article and clear your cookies now.

Error 8004231F
What is error 8004231F and how can it be fixed?

Video Tutorials and Guides

Add Videos to the Start Menu
Here is a quick technique for adding your video library to the start menu in Windows 7.

How to Remove Duplicate Files
It is almost guaranteed that you have duplicate files chewing up disk space on your system. This video will show you how to quickly remove duplicate files, completely FREE, using Total PC Health.

Make Windows 7 Boot Really Fast
Slow startup times are extremely annoying. Here is a quick tweak that will have your Windows 7 booting up with lightning speed.

Get Quick Launch Taskbar Back in Windows 7
The old school quick launch is not enabled in Windows 7 by default. This cool tweak will show you how to get it back fast.

Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts
In Windows you can quickly create keyboard shortcuts for any program. By having your own shortcuts, you can open applications fast and save lots of time. It only takes a few seconds to create a shortcut, so check out this video to learn how.

Change Desktop Based on the Weather
This tweak will automatically change your desktop background based on the weather conditions outside.

Pin Control Panel to the Taskbar
A cool Windows 7 feature that allows you to work a little more efficiently. Pin the Control Panel to the taskbar and have quicker access to important settings.

Change the Windows 7 Login
This tweak will allow you to quickly change the Windows 7 login screen to any image you want. Add your own personal touch to the login screen.