Clean Up Duplicate Files

Almost every PC I have ever owned or worked on has duplicate files. It is easy to make copies of files and data and then over time we forget where we have put all of these files. Some of my older PCs had up to four copies of certain files. Sometimes I didn't even know which was the original or the backup. It can become a logistical nightmare.

So not only are duplicate files are real pain the butt, they also consume a considerable amount of valuable disk space. I think its a fair bet that most PCs could have 5-10% extra disk space just be removing duplicate files. This reduced clutter will make it easier to defrag the hard drive and performance will improve.

The trick is finding the duplicate files. Besides manually browsing through all of your folders, there has not been a better method, until now. We wanted all of our users to benefit so we have added a duplicate file finding tool to Total PC Health. This tool is 100% free and you can start using it right away.

The duplicate file finder can scan any drive for file double-ups. It will quickly locate all instances of duplicated files and then you can decide what to do with them. Alternativaly you can search by file type, so you might want to find all images that have duplicates, or music files that have been copied to more than one location.

This feature is 100% free and we hope you enjoy it. You can grab it from our download page.