How to Delete Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are saved to your computer by various websites. Cookies are used by websites to store personal preferences and various other settings. If you want to get rid of cookies in Firefox or Internet Explorer just follow the steps below.

Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Options by clicking Tools -> Internet Options and select the "General" tab.

Under the "Browsing history" section, click on the "Delete" button. You will see the following window.

how to delete cookies

To delete cookies only, uncheck the other boxes and just leave the "Cookies" box checked. You can then click the "Delete" button and all of your cookies will be removed.

Delete Cookies in Firefox

Removing cookies in Firefox is very similar to Internet Explorer. First you need to open the options window. This will vary depending on your version of Firefox.

From the menu bar, select "Options", then click on the "Privacy" button.

Click on the link "clear your recent history". You will see a dialog similar to the screenshot below.

how to delete cookies in firefox

To delete cookies, uncheck all boxes except for the "Cookies" option. Click the "Clear Now" button and your cookies are gone.

To delete all cookies, browsing history and private data try Total PC Health.