Cleaning the Windows Registry

We are often asked by users, "do I really need to clean the Windows Registry?"

Well you don't need to, but you really should do it. Your Windows Registry won't clean itself. Until it does, a Registry cleaner is the quickest and easiest method for optimizing your PC performance.

The Registry stores vital data about programs and hardware. The Registry grows as you add and remove software. Things like Malware and Spyware also add extra keys to the Registry. Excessive clutter can build up in no time. If this is left unchecked, your PC will have no option but to slow down. In some cases it can become quite unstable and crash or suffer from blue screen errors.

Cleaning the Windows Registry should be part of every users maintenance program and having a good Registry cleaner is vital. If you are sick of having a slow PC, then download a Registry cleaner and start optimizing today. On average it takes about 3-5 minutes to perform a full scan and cleanup on a PC. The end result can be dramatic performance and reliability improvements. It is possible to get excellent performance without the need to upgrade your hardware or system.

The Registry is too complex for manual cleaning and we DO NOT recommend this at all. If you do attempt to make any manual edits to the Registry, you do so at your own risk. The leading Registry cleaner software has been developed by experts over many years. Use one of these products. Some are even 100% free.

As with any software, do your research. There are some wonderful programs out there, but also some very bad ones. If you want a great Registry cleaner, try: RegCure, Registry Mechanic, CCleaner or Comodo.

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