Fix EXE Errors

EXE files (.exe) are executable files and are one of the most common filetypes on Windows. If you have been using Windows for any length of time then you will be familiar with the .exe file extension. These are the files that actually run a program or application. So almost anytime you open up a program, it is done by clicking on a .exe file.

While .exe files will run a program, they can also contain certain resources such as images or bitmaps. These are commonly used to form part of the GUI. EXE files are also a great way to hide viruses and malware. Most of the viruses spread across the internet are in the form of .exe files. For this reason, you must be extremely careful when downloading an .exe file or when opening a ZIP archive that contains .exe files.

EXE errors are common because of the widespread use of .exe files within the Windows operating system. Errors will occur when .exe files go missing, become corrupt or are accidentally deleted. If there are are invalid or corrupt keys in the Registry relating to certain .exe files, this can be yet another source of errors.

How to avoid EXE errors?

With correct PC maintenance and Registry cleaning, it is possible to avoid most EXE errors. There are situations that can not be avoided and these include: the accidental deletion of a file, file corruption or a malware infection. In such cases you will need to replace the damaged or missing .exe file. Some files can be readily downloaded off the internet or from the Microsoft support site. If the missing .exe is a third party application, you may need to re-install or download the application again.

It will also be important to try and identify the source of problem. If your .exe files went missing, you may have a malware/virus infection on your PC and you should run a scan immediately.

For most PCs a good Registry cleaner will eliminate EXE errors and boost overall performance. By running a scan you can locate what kind of problems exist on your PC and some scanners will also identify malware too. So before you get more errors, start using a Registry or PC optimizer as part of your regular maintenance.