Win32 Error Repair

Win32 errors appear in the Windows XP operating system. Most common was to receive the error as a generic host process error.

If you are still using Windows XP and experiencing Win32 errors, there are a few possible causes. In many cases the error can be due to a service pack that was not installed correctly. So you may want to check that you have the latest service pack installed for XP and run a repair if you do have the latest version.

The other major cause of Win32 errors is spyware and/or viruses. If you did start receiving strange Win32 errors, then it is recommended that you run a virus scan on your PC immediately. It is very easy to get an infected PC, especially if you don't run regular scans.

If you take steps to keep your service packs up-to-date and remove any malware, then you should be free from Win32 errors. If the problem does still persist, you can try running the scan of Total PC Health.

For anti-virus, we recommend that you try Microsoft Security Essentials, which is an excellent free product.