How to Enable God-Mode in Windows 7

(see end of article for video demo)

Tweaking Windows 7 is pretty simple and there are many ways to get extra performance.

One of our favorite (and useful) tweaks in Windows 7, is to enable God Mode. It doesn’t quite give you all the power you might expect, but it’s still a pretty cool tweak and well worth the 10 seconds it takes to implement.

Basically what you get is quick access to all of the functions that are available in Control Panel etc. Many of these options are well buried in Control Panel, so by having a quick list, it certainly makes things faster and easier.

To implement God Mode in Windows 7, just do the following:

1) Create a new folder on the desktop

2) Rename the folder to the following:

3) The icon should now change to the following image:

god mode windows 7

When you double click the icon, you will see a huge list of items, similar to the following screenshot:

windows 7 god mode

Just browse through the list and you will see many useful things to help optimize and tweak your PC.

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Setting Up GodMode Video Tutorial