Outlook Express Error Codes

If you are still using Outlook Express, you may find the following error code table useful.

It is common to receive cryptic error messages in Outlook Express. Most of the time it is impossible to figure out what the actual error is. The table below lists the most common error codes and what the actual problem is.

Error Code Error Type Description
0x800CCC00 LOAD_SICILY_FAILED Authentication did not load
0x800CCC01 INVALID_CERT_CN Invalid certificate content
0x800CCC02 INVALID_CERT_DATE Invalid certificate date
0x800CCC03 ALREADY_CONNECTED User already connected
0x800CCC04 CONN  
0x800CCC05 NOT_CONNECTED Not connected to server
0x800CCC06 CONN_SEND  
0x800CCC09 CONN_RECV  
0x800CCC0A INCOMPLETE Message download incomplete
0x800CCC0B BUSY Server or maildrop is busy
0x800CCC0D CANT_FIND_HOST Cannot locate server
0x800CCC0E FAILED_TO_CONNECT Cannot connect to server
0x800CCC0F CONNECTION_DROPPED Connection closed
0x800CCC10 INVALID_ADDRESS Address not known on server
0x800CCC11 INVALID_ADDRESS_LIST Mailing list not known on server
0x800CCC12 SOCKET_READ_ERROR Unable to send WINSOCK request
0x800CCC13 SOCKET_WRITE_ERROR Unable to read Winsock reply
0x800CCC14 SOCKET_INIT_ERROR Unable to initialize Winsock
0x800CCC15 SOCKET_CONNECT_ERROR Unable to open Windows Socket
0x800CCC16 INVALID_ACCOUNT User account not recognized
0x800CCC17 USER_CANCEL User canceled operation
0x800CCC18 SICILY_LOGON_FAILED Logon attempt failed
0x800CCC19 TIMEOUT  
0x800CCC1A SECURE_CONNECT_FAILED Unable to connect using Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL)

If you are experiencing frequent errors in Outlook Express, you may need to clean the Registry with TotalPCHealth.