What is PC Optimization

PC optimization is the process of improving speed, performance and reliaibility with software or hardware tweaks and upgrades.

Generally if your PC starts running slow, you would think about upgrading the hardware with a new processor or more RAM. In many cases you might just go out and purchase a new PC. Both of these options are very expensive and PC vendors will have you believe this is the only option available.

However, things have changed over the past few years and now there is a whole software market dedicated to PC optimization. Many products can be downloaded free of the internet and can provide an instant boost to your performance and responsiveness. Some of the best products available come at a small cost, usually less than $30 and these can provide a huge boost to performance. In some cases, users can gain up to 400% speed improvement as well as eliminating errors.

Goals of PC optimization

Besides speed improvements, there are other important goals when optimizing your PC. These are summarized below:

  • Improve performance and reliability
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce crashes and blue screen errors
  • Boost startup and shutdown times

Overall speed is an excellent thing to have, but more important is overall reliability and stability. A fast computer that constantly crashes is not very useful. If you can eliminate errors, improve speed and boost responsiveness, then you have achieved the goals of PC optimization.

There are many products that will help you achieve this, so forget about upgrading any hardware until you try a software solution first. You may be surprised at how much your old PC can really improve. It will feel like new again.

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