Remove a Partition in Windows 7

This article follows on from how to create a partition in Windows 7.

In this article, we will remove the partition that was created and extend the disk space of the original volume that we had to shrink. Note: Deleting a partition will erase data on that volume. Always backup your data and double check everything before deleting.

First you will need to open the disk manager. Do this by typing "diskmgmt.msc" into the quick search box. Below you can see all of the partitions and in this example we want to remove the H: drive.

delete a partition in windows 7

Right-click on the partition you wish to remove and select "Delete Volume". For this example, we right-click on the "Music" volume and select delete.

delete partition

After selecting delete, you will see the following prompt:

delete partition

Be careful before deleting a volume. Ensure that you have removed all data, because it will get deleted. For this example we have removed all data and are ready to proceed, so click "Yes". The partition will be removed and you will see free space represented by the light green bar.

We now want to extend our volume D: to consume this remaining space. To extend a volume, simply right-click on the volume you wish to extend and select "Extend Volume".

extend volume

After you select "Extend Volume" the extend volume wizard will begin. Click "Next" to start the wizard.

You will need to select where to extend the current volume. As you can see below, we have selected to extend the volume to all of the free space remaining.

extend volume

After you have made your selections and set the amount of space, click "Next". You will see a summary page, click "Finish".

The volume will now be extended. In our example, volume D: has now been extended with the remaining 30GB that we had free.