Protect Your PC Against Drive-by-Download Infections

If you have a computer with the Windows operating system installed, then you have probably experienced malicious software or a virus at one point in time. A computer that is infected is not good at all. It will lose performance at an alarming rate, damage your files without your knowledge, collect private information about you and send them to third parties, crash your computer and change or corrupt the registry.

In this article we will look at how you can get infected with malicious software even if you didn't click anything on a website.

Booby-trapped websites on the internet are evolving and spreading like wild fire. These web pages are unsuspecting sites that carry malicious software and will automatically download to your computer when you visit the site. You do not have to click anything for the download to start. By simply visiting the page, the download begins automatically and without your permission or knowledge. This technique is known as a drive-by download site. A drive-by download is software that is downloaded to your computer automatically and doesn’t need your consent. Drive-by download can be separated into three types:

  1. They are downloads which a user has authorized but doesn’t properly understand the consequences.
  2. It is any download that takes place without the users knowledge.
  3. It is the downloading of malicious software such as spyware, viruses, Trojans or worms without the knowledge of the user.

Drive-by downloads occur when the user is visiting a website, viewing emails or by clicking an unreliable pop-up window that makes the user believe that an error has occurred and can be fixed by clicking the message. If your computer security is lax, the risk of getting into trouble with this kind of attack is very high. Remember, you don’t have to click anything to get infected, all you have to do is visit a dodgy website and you will never even know how much malicious software has been downloaded onto your computer.

Always be prepared for these types of attack. By having tighter computer security, you will definitely be able to avoid these problems. Also, be careful of the websites you visit. One website may ruin and corrupt your files in less than an hour so be aware of the risks before getting online. Make sure you are using the most current web browser and keep the browser security settings high. You should also use some type of anti-virus software to help detect these attacks. One of the best programs available is free as well, it is Microsoft Security Essentials.

Stay safe!