System Restore Points

Windows provides an excellent protection feature called system restore points and if you aren't using them, we recommend that you start immediately. They have saved us many hours of hard work.

System Restore works by taking snapshots of critical system files and some program files and registry settings and stores this information as restore points. If your computer has problems, you can use the previous restore points to return to a state when your computer was working properly.

If you have never created a system restore point, it is wise to start immediately. It should also be done a regular basis, that way you won't have to revert back too far in the event of any system problems. System restore points can help you resolve many serious issues, including things like: malware infection, virus infection, driver problems, software incompatibilities.

Creating system restore points is very simple to do and only takes a couple of minutes to get started. If you have downloaded Total PC Health, there is a system restore point manager built-in, so that will also save you some time.

To create a system restore point

Open Control Panel -> System. Now click on "Advanced System Settings" and then click the "System Protection" tab. From here you will see a button called "Create". Just click this and you can create your restore point.

system restore

It is also possible to perform a system restore from this same location. Just click on "System Restore" button and select the restore point you wish to revert back to. You will see your own restore points as well as the system created restore points.

system restore in windows

That's really all there is to it. It's very simple to implement but can save you a lot of time in the event that anything does go wrong.