Updating Your Drivers With Total PC Health

Drivers are absolutely vital to your PC performance. Drivers are small programs that allow the computer to communicate with various devices. These devices include printers, USB, monitors, keyboards, mice, networks, modems, audio, video and more.

When you purchase a new PC it comes with a CD/DVD that contains all of the drivers and usually everything is up-to-date and working great.

As time goes on, drivers can become corrupted, get deleted, go missing or just go out-of-date. For each device with outdated or missing drivers, you are losing performance and reliability. Try running your monitor without the correct video drivers, it will look horrible. Yet many users are not aware and they continue to operate well below the optimal performance level.

A driver is only a tiny application, but they make a massive difference to the computing experience. Sometimes the difference between a sluggish computer and super fast performance is just a few quick driver updates. Generally a new driver can be installed within a few seconds. You can find most of the drivers manually online, but we are going to show you how easy it is to update with Total PC Health.

  1. If you haven't already done so, grab the free download of Total PC Health
  2. Just click "Start Scan" button on the home page of the product. This will scan other items, but it is probably worthwhile as it can identify other problems.
  3. Once the scan is complete, you can browse the Driver Scan Results by clicking the green arrow in the top right. The results will appear as below:
    total pc health driver scan results
  4. The results will display both out-of-date and up-to-date drivers. You can simply click Fix All to update all drivers instantly, or you can choose specific drivers to update.
  5. The update runs extremely fast and once the right drivers are installed, you should notice a faster, more stable system.

Just remember, you can update all types of drivers with Total PC Health. Below is just a small list of the driver types that will be updated.

  • Display drivers
  • Video drivers
  • Audio drivers
  • Sound drivers
  • Network drivers
  • Printer drivers
  • Processor drivers
  • Mice and pointing device drivers
  • Storage volume drivers
  • Modem drivers
  • DVD and CD drivers
  • Monitor drivers
  • USB drivers
  • Game controllers
  • Scanner drivers
  • Camera drivers
  • and much more!
Want to find out more about fixing your drivers with Total PC Health, just click the following link: Fix drivers with Total PC Health.