What are PC Drivers?

Drivers are very small pieces of software that allow your computer to interact with different devices. These devices can include printers, keyboards, scanners, mice, monitors, speakers, USB drives etc. If you don't have drivers installed, your computer would not function properly.

So everytime you install or add some new hardware, the drivers are also installed. That is why your devices come with software that needs to be installed. This software includes the drivers that allow things to work properly.

Modern versions of Windows have become quite good at providing default drivers for almost every type of device. However, the default drivers will never provide the maximum performance. So unless you have the right drivers installed, your system will not be at its best.

Drivers can easily go missing, get deleted or simply go out-of-date. When this happens, your PC performance suffers. In order to update drivers you generally need to search the internet for the correct or updated version. This can be very time consuming and it can be risky due to all the Malware out there posing as driver updates.

The better way to update drivers is with automated driver software. There are various excellent products that can instantly update all of the drivers on your system. This will literally save hours of time and its a great way to boost performance. Total PC Health also has its own driver updater built in, so its well worth checking out.