Fix Windows Processes

On the Windows operating system and in computing generally, a process is an instance of a program that is running. Any program or application that you open keeps a running process. The process contains the program code and activity. Some processes can be made of multiple threads, while others just execute concurrently.

Each running process will use up a certain amount of processor and memory. As more and more processes are executed, this increases the load on your PC. Therefore, if you have many different programs running at the same time, things on your PC begin to slow down. You only have a limited amount of memory and CPU power, and with each process sharing a piece of this, it can run out fast. For this reason you should limit the amount of programs running at once, or at least manage the programs that run at boot time.

If you have a lot of programs starting up at boot time, by the time you log into your PC, there will be a considerable amount of resources already consumed. So if your PC is running slow or sluggish, don't mistake this for a hardware problem, check out the processes first.

Viewing the running processes in Windows is very simple. Just right-click on your taskbar and select "Start Task Manager". Now just click on the "Processes" tab. Here you can see all of the running processes, the amount of CPU and memory being consumed.

windows processes

In some cases you can have a "run away" process. This is when a program stops responding or the process begins using 99% of the CPU. When this happens your PC becomes extremely slow and unresponsive. It is a common occurence and the quickest way out of this problem is to terminate the process. Just click on the process consuming the excess CPU and click on "End Process".

It is also a good idea to check your process list to ensure there are no rogue processes running. If you notice anything strange, you may have a virus or malware infection. Keeping an eye on processes will also teach you which programs are using more than their fair share of CPU and other resources.