Fix Windows Startup

One of the never ending complaints I hear from users is slow statrup times. I have even worked on some Windows systems that can take many minutes just to boot up. A slow startup is not acceptable and it can be fixed, very easily.

Most users believe that a slow startup is just the side effect of an older/slower PC, but this is not the case. Your Windows startup begins to slow down as more programs are installed on your computer. Some applications can be real resource hogs and I have witnessed a single database application add over two minutes to the boot-time. Once this was removed, the slow PC was lightning fast.

If you are ready to fix your slow booting computer, then read on. This problem can be fixed in under two minutes with some very simple tweaks.

Run the Windows System Configuration Tool

First you need to open MSCONFIG. Do this by typing "msconfig" into the quick search box and hit enter. It will bring up the following dialog box, on this dialog click the "Startup" tab.

windows startup

Under the startup tab you can see all of the programs that are booting at start time. It is a good idea to uncheck programs that don't need to be booted on startup. For example, most applications can be removed from startup and then you can just run them when you need them. Startup will be faster and less memory will be consumed by background applications that you don't need running anyway.

After making your selections, just click ok and you are done. You might need a reboot for the settings to take effect.

Note: Harmful applications such as spyware and viruses can slow your boot time dramatically. These most likely won't appear in the startup tab, so always use an anti-spyware product to keep your PC in top shape.

Total PC Health has a fully integrated startup manager that can help you disable or remove items to boost speed and performance. To learn more, check out the Total PC Health Startup Manager.