Windows 7 Shortcuts

Windows 7 has some excellent shortcuts that are well worth learning. These will save you time and should increase productivity. Take a look and try them out.

Snapping the Window Left or Right

You can quickly snap a window to the left of the screen or to the right of the screen with the following shortcuts. This works well if you want to move a window across in order to view another window next to it.

WinKey + Left arrow

winkey left

WinKey + Right arrow

winkey right

Snapping the Window Left or Right on Dual Monitors

I really love this shortcut. It allows you to move the window from one monitor across to the other. If you are using dual monitors, you will understand how useful this is. Try it out.

WinKey + Shift + Left arrow

WinKey + Shift + Right arrow

Maximizing and Minimizing the Window

Here is a quick way to maximize the current window you are viewing or you can minimize it.

WinKey + Up Arrow (to maximize window)

WinKey + Down arrow (to minimize window, or return window to normal size if it is maximized)

Maximizing the Window Vertically

If you want to stretch the window to fill the screen vertically, just do the following:

WinKey + Shift + Up arrow

winkey shift up

Minimize All but the Active Window

If you want to quickly minimize all of the windows open except for the active window, just do the following:

WinKey + Home

You can also restore the windows back by doing the same thing.

Minimize All Windows and Show Desktop

This is not a new shortcut but it’s a very handy shortcut. In case you didn’t know how to do it, just do the following:

WinKey + D

Another Way to Quick View the Desktop

This shortcut i find kind of useless, but it might be worth noting. If you want to make all current Windows transparent and see the desktop, just perform the following. Note: you need to let go of WinKey to get all your windows back.

WinKey + Space bar

Open Windows Explorer

Again, this is not new to Windows 7, but extremely useful. Anytime you need to quickly open Explorer:

WinKey + E

Manage Multiple Monitors

If you are using a multiple monitor setup (which is recommended), then perform the following shortcut to bring up an on-screen display with useful options.

WinKey + P

manage multiple=

Switching Between Programs

The classic technique for doing this is still the same in Windows 7, it just looks a lot nicer. You should know it.

Alt + Tab

cycle between programs

If you want to switch between programs that are on your taskbar, Windows 7 has a nice shortcut for doing that.

WinKey + T

This will cycle through items on your taskbar, using the window peek for each set of open items.

Launch a Program From Taskbar Numerically

Each item in your taskbar is essentially numbered left to right, starting from 1. So if you want to open an item, just hit WinKey and the corresponding number. The second item in your taskbar would be WinKey + 2.

WinKey + Number

OK, i hope you enjoyed those shortcuts. If you have some other favorites you want listed, drop me a message.