Boost PC Performance

Total PC Health can restore performance to your computer or laptop.

Total PC Health works by fixing errors and cleaning up your PC. The end result is improved performance and responsiveness. Total PC Health fixes multiple areas of your PC to ensure maximum optimization.

Clean the Registry

By cleaning the Registry and fixing errors, you can reduce slowness and system crashes. Total PC Health has a powerful Registry cleaner that will deep scan the Windows Registry and fix all associated errors and remove invalid or corrupt keys.

Optimize Hard Drive(s)

Total PC Health has a built in disk defragmenter that can defrag any hard drive and improve disk speed. You can also delete temp files, duplicate files and other clutter that consumes valuable disk space.

Manage Startup and Processes

With our startup manager you can dramatically boost Windows startup times. Simply remove unnecessary programs from our startup manager and your boot time will improve. It takes only a few seconds and you can save minutes each day.

Update Drivers

Having the correct drivers installed is vital for performance and functionality. Missing or out-of-date drivers can cause your system to become unstable and unreliable. The automatic driver scan will identify and fix all of your driver issues.

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