Disk Optimization

Total PC Health has a powerful suite of disk optimization tools that will help clean up clutter and free up disk space. The end result of this is better performance and stability.

Some of the disk optimization tools include the duplicate file manager, disk defragmentation, restore point manager, temporary file cleaner and history cleaner.

Disk Defragmentation

Total PC Health has a disk analyzer and defragmenter. You can quickly and easily defrag any drive on your system. This speeds up disk access and adds extra performance to your PC. You can also schedule the defragmentation to run automatically at a time that best suits you.

Disk Cleanup

There are several features that allow you to clean up the disk and reduce clutter. The duplicate file manager allows you to quickly scan and locate doubled up files. You can also delete temp files and cache files quickly and easily. Free up disk space in seconds.

Restore Point Manager

The restore point manager allows you to create/manage restore points on Windows and to restore back to these points if necessary. If your PC experiences serious problems or gets infected with a virus, you can use restore points to revert back to when your PC was healthy.

Optimize Your PC With Total PC Health