Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a license key for Total PC Health?

To obtain a license key for Total PC Health, you will need to download the software and once installed you can access the licensing purchase page by clicking "Register" in the top right of the screen. After purchasing the license, you can then enter it into the licensing section of Total PC Health. You will then have access to all of the features.

Can I transfer Total PC Health to another computer?

Yes. You can transfer the license at any time. Click the "i" button from the home screen of Total PC Health. Then on the licensing page, click the "Dehost" button. This will remove the license from your current installation. You will then be able to install Total PC Health onto a different computer and use the same license key.

I did not receive my license key?

If you did not receive a license key after purchasing please do the following. Your license key will be emailed, so check the spam box and spam filters. If you still have not received your license key, please contact us via our contact page. You will need to send us the email address you purchased with or your order ID. Once we have this information, we will retrieve your key and re-send.

What is the Total PC Health "Health Rating" ?

This is simple a calculation of your computer's overall health level. There are four different settings:


  • You have not scanned your system
  • Scan was cancelled or interrupted


  • You may have Malware or Spyware
  • You have more than 5 unwanted startup items
  • You have more than 5 drivers that are out-of-date


  • You have not performed a scan within a week
  • There are more than 100 items in the Registry that need attention
  • There are more than 50 privacy items that can be cleared
  • You have some startup processes that need attention


  • You have completely cleaned your computer
  • No items are being detected, including: drivers, Registry, startup and proceses

Can I purchase without a credit card?

Yes. We also accept payment via PayPal. With PayPal you can use your bank account to make payments online.

I am getting a license key invalid error

When entering the license key into Total PC Health, please ensure there are no trailing spaces. Sometimes when cutting and pasting the license, there is a blank space at the end. Also note: If typing in the license key, there are only zeros in the key and no letter 'O'.

What is your refund policy?

Total PC Health comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not completely satisified, you can obtain a refund by contacting our online support desk. You will need to provide either your license key, order ID or the email address you used when purchasing.

To obtain a refund, you must use our online support desk (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific Time) or you can call our payment processor on 1-877-370-9229. They are available from Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), 4 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.