How to Register Total PC Health

The first step is to download Total PC Health - Click here to download.

Total PC Health provides you with complete optimization for your PC. The free download will show you exactly what needs to be fixed on your PC. You can also use the various free features such as the duplicate file finder. However, to take full advantage of this powerful software, you will need to register your download.

Registering and obtaining a license key is extremely simple and only takes a few seconds. Just follow the steps below.

1) Click the Register link in the top right of the "Home" tab

register total pc health

2) You will be directed to the secure purchase page. Here you can obtain your license by paying with PayPal or credit card

3) Your license will immediately be provided and you can now add the key to the registration page on Total PC Health

register total pc health

4) Add the key into the License Key field and click "OK". You have now unlocked all of the Total PC Health features and you can begin optimizing right away.

How to Input License Key if Already Registered

If you already have a license key for Total PC Health, you can input the key by doing the following:

Total PC Health has a blue information button located in the top right corner. You can see this in the screenshot below.

input license key

Click the blue "i" and you will be able to enter your license key.