Create a Restore Point Before Running Total PC Health

Total PC Health has a built-in restore point manager that can help you protect your system. A restore point is a snapshot of your system settings at a particular time. By setting a restore point, you can rollback your system to a known working configuration.

It is recommend to create restore points at regular intervals. In the event of malware or system problems, you can rollback to when your system was working correctly. We always recommend creating a restore point before running any type of registry repair or system update. Setting a system restore point only takes a couple of minutes.

To create a system restore point with Total PC Health

  • Run Total PC Health and click on the "Disk" tab
  • Click on the "Restore Point Manager" option

    set a restore point
  • In the restore point manager, click the "Create Restore Point" button
  • You may have to wait a little while. When the restore point has been created a prompt will appear
  • Done

Now that you have a restore point created, you can rollback to this anytime. In Total PC Health, just select the restore point you created and click the "Restore" button.

It is highly recommended that you create restore points before running any type of system repair or updates.