Total PC Audit User Guide

Total PC Audit provides a quick and easy way to view your system information such as drivers, processes and installed software.

Using Total PC Audit


The main section provides an overview of your system. Here you will find information on operating system, service pack, manufacturer, model, BIOS etc.


The software section provides a listing of all the programs currently installed on your computer. You can view version, publisher and install date.

To open the installation folder for a program, just right-click on the software name and select open folder.


The driver tab allows you to view the drivers installed on your system. The drivers are viewable under each device by expanding the plus sign.


The processes tab provides access to all of the processes currently running on your system. Here you can view process path, threads consumed by each process and memory size.

  • Learn more about a process: You can learn more about each process by right-clicking and selecting read about process.
  • Kill a process: To terminate a process, simply right-click and select kill process.


You can quickly export the details of your system and software by clicking the Export link in the top menu.

Just select a destination and file name for the exported file. Exported files are saved as .txt files.

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