Repair Windows XP Problems in Minutes

Just a couple of minutes can save you hours of frustration and lost productivity

Fix Windows XP Errors With Total PC Health

  • Clean the Windows Registry and fix errors
  • Boost PC performance
  • Automatically scan and update drivers
  • Shred temp files and history files to protect your privacy
  • Fix startup items and remove Malware
  • 100% Spyware and Adware Free

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How Total PC Health Fixes Windows Problems

Total PC Health is a complete PC optimization and repair tool. Not only can you boost performance, but you can fix the Registry, update drivers, defrag, fix startup items, clear out temp files, protect your privacy, remove Malware and much more. Our single download can do the work of 5 products.

Download Total PC Health today and see how easy it is to get top performance from your PC.

Total PC Health - Windows XP Optimization and Cleanup

Fix errors and optimize Optimize Your PC and Fix Errors
Now anyone can get their PC running like brand new. Clean the Registry, fix errors and more, with just the click of a mouse.
Update drivers Update and Fix Drivers
Don't waste time looking for drivers. Now you can automatically fix and update any driver on your system in minutes. Get your system fast and efficient.
Privacy protection Protect Your Privacy
You can scan privacy settings and erase temp files, browsing history, chat history and more.
Defrag Disk Management and Defrag
Defrag your disk with these easy to use tools. Manage disk settings and speed up disk access.
Free support Total Support
Expert support includes live chat, email support and online knowledgebase. We give you answers fast.
Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for some reason Total PC Health doesn't completely optimize your PC, you can get a full no questions asked refund.

Total PC Health - Product Feature Comparison

Product Feature Free Version Premium
registry cleanerClean the Registry cross tick
system scanSystem Scan and Error Report tick tick
driversFix and Update Drivers cross tick
duplicate file finderDuplicate File Finder tick tick
process managerProcess Manager tick tick
disk defragDisk Defragmentation cross tick
restore point managerRestore Point Manager tick tick
browser helper objectsManage Browser Helper Objects tick tick
privacy cleanerPrivacy Cleaner cross tick
startup managerWindows Startup Manager tick tick
disk cleanerDisk Optimization and File Cleaner tick tick
file extension managerFile Extension Manager tick tick
remove malwareRemove Malware Processes cross tick
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*Note: We offer a free and a premium edition. A premium license is $37.97 and you can upgrade the free version at any time.

Fix Windows Errors and Boost Performance of Your PC

Total PC Health is one of the most sophisticated optimization tools currently available. It works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. If you are still using XP, this is a great way to help boost performance without upgrading. In just minutes you can scan every area of your system and improve speed, reliability and security.

Total PC Health not only provides scan and repair tools, but it also has a suite of PC management tools that allow you to easily optimize virtually every aspect of your PC.

Registry Cleaning:

Cleaning and fixing the Registry is vital for top PC performance. It also eliminates many errors that can crash or freeze your computer. A cluttered Registry filled with invalid keys will eventually slow your machine to a halt.

The built in Registry cleaner will scan and fix errors usually in less than 3 minutes. You can fix invalid Registry keys, invalid fonts, DLL files, exe problems, boot problems, blue screen errors and much more.

Driver Scan and Update:

Having the right drivers is essential for maximum performance. Total PC Health can scan all of your drivers and instantly locate missing or out-of-date drivers. You can fix display problems, slow video, audio, sound problems, printers, USB and all other peripherals.

You can choose to scan for drivers only or you can run a total scan that will include drivers, Registry, privacy and more.

Privacy Protection:

Now you can have complete control over your PC privacy. Our privacy scan will locate your Windows history, internet browsing history, MS Office history, email trash, third party history, chat logs, multimedia history and more. You might be shocked by what this scan can find. But if the scanner can find it, then anyone can.

Locate privacy files within seconds and then choose which files to shred. You can cover your tracks and get complete privacy protection.

Disk Management and Defragmentation:

Did you know that disk defraggnig can greatly improve responsiveness of your PC? Over time files become fragmented and disk access becomes slower and slower. Without regular defragging of your hard drive(s), your PC will just get slower and slower.

Our disk defrag and disk management tools give you full control over your drives. You can schedule the defrag and you will never have to worry about it again.

Fix Processes:

Now you can scan and fix the various processing running on your PC. Fix startup processes, active processes and Malware processes.

Processes that are not optimized can quickly bring your PC to a halt. They are a leading cause of freezes and crashes. Just scan and repair and you won't have to worry about it anymore.

For the full list of features in Total PC Health, read our detailed user guide.


Complete Feature List

General PC Optimization

  • Improve PC performance
  • Scan and clean the Registry
  • Fix PC errors and problems such as: DLL errors, EXE errors, blue screen, black screen, crashes, freezes, invalid files, invalid fonts, Registry errors and more
  • Fix application errors such as IE, Media Player
  • Improve responsiveness of your PC
  • Manage browser helper objects
  • Fix file extensions

Driver Optimization

  • Scan and update drivers
  • Download missing drivers
  • Manage driver download location

Privacy Protection

  • Scan and locate private data
  • Shred some or all private data
  • Choose which items to scan

Process Management

  • Optimize startup processes
  • Optimize or remove running processes
  • Locate and remove Malware processes
  • Analyze system performance

Disk Management

  • Locate duplicate files and save disk space
  • Defrag your hard drives
  • Analyze hard drives
  • Clear temporary files
  • Clear history files
  • Setup and manage restore points

Settings Management

  • Control all areas of Total PC Health
  • Customize the home screen with your favorite features
  • Choose which items to scan
  • Alter Registry scan settings
  • Schedule scanning


  • Schedule the software to run automatically
  • Schedule disk defragmentation