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Few strains can match the qualities of Northern Lights when it comes to strains that have left their mark on the genetics of cannabis plants. Northern Lights Feminized Hemp Seeds are 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. And when you need a guarantee on quality and effect, order your northern lights fem seeds from a reputable seed bank. 

Due to the genetics of the native Afghan plant, the strain begins to flower rapidly and produces abundant resinous buds. Let’s learn more. 

The origin of Northern Lights fem steed strain 

The Northern Lights is a mystery, although it is known that the original was first obtained from a pair of Afghan landrace seeds. 

The genetics of the Northern Lights is still one of the most confusing of all extant hemp seed strains because there is no single evidence for its creation. However, the genetics involved in the cross came from California, which was the original home of many great strains of the most famous hemp seed.

It was initially a stable cannabis Sativa strain crossed with an Afghani Indica hybrid. 

Whatever the origin, fans love the northern lights for their effects. And when you source it from a trusted seed bank like USoA, you know the excellent quality you get when you grow the plant. 

The growing details of Northern Lights Fem seed strain 

Being Feminized, Northern Light is a versatile strain perfect for high-volume for indoor and outdoor growers. After a brief vegetative phase, this strain produces abundant flowers. It completes its entire life cycle within 10–12 weeks of sowing the seeds.

If you note, the plants are small enough to grow with care and do not produce much fragrance while growing. They have a short flowering time and generally produce bumper yields.

The plant produced is Indica- Compact, bushy and broad-leafed. 

The yield from Northern Light Feminized seeds 

Northern Light Feminized provides a generous crop and maybe one of the highest yielding strains available. 

Flowering time is seven to nine weeks which period often can be less also. In mid-October, outdoor growers will harvest it as the latest time to harvest.

The indoor determining factors are light hours, moderate growth, nutrients, and trimming. When all goes well as you carefully plan, you can expect yields of around 18 ounces. Outdoor plants can produce even higher yields.

Effects of Northern Lights Fem seed strain

This incredible strain is famous for producing deeply relaxing elevations that gradually translate into uplifting euphoria. So users feel calm but do not get a couch-lock. If you want to have a good night’s sleep, you can also have the dose to cure insomnia.

Northern Lights Feminized seed from USoA is Indica-dominant. It gives a real body high with a stone feel that inspires relaxation and creativity. 


The Northern Lights fem seed strain results show its Afghan Indica genetic background. Buy Northern Lights Feminized seeds

from USoA to obtain a plant that produces large resinous buds. It is equally beneficial to grow indoors and outdoors.


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