Chocolate and CBD

A double dose of happiness

Two things that make you smile are combined. You will love chocolate with CBD. It takes only high-quality chocolate and equally good CBD. You deserve the best!


The More, the Better!

The future superfood is chocolate. Not just regular milk chocolate, but dark high-quality cocoa chocolate. High levels of cocoa can help boost your mood and flush out endorphins. The cocoa content can be misleading.


It’s All About the Beans

The percentage of cocoa in chocolate dry matter is expressed as a percentage. This indicates that the cocoa percentage is the percentage of cocoa butter or other intermediate products. This is dry matter. What about the rest of it? The entire production process will reveal a lot about the quality of the chocolate. A high-quality chocolate should not contain butter, aroma, flavoring, or traces of cocoa. You want the best – cocoa beans. You might even get something more.


Double the Happiness

Are you looking for a nutritious, high-quality snack that will make your heart happy? You want hemp chocolate that has the shortest list of ingredients. It should not contain any cocoa “something”, but real cocoa beans. Also, it should be free from sugar substitutes. You also get additional health benefits if the chocolate contains CBD. The effects of CBD on the receptors that control the distribution and production of happiness hormones can be doubled by the addition of CBD. For example, try dark choc with 18 mg CBD for a double dose of happiness.


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