Choosing A Brow Lift Surgery

A heavy and sagging brow can make people look unhappy and tired. People who have this issue can be very unsatisfied with their look and they will like to make some changes. The brow lift surgery can fix this problem and with just one session, give you long-lasting results.

Brow lift surgery goals

This surgery is also known as a forehead lift. While your brows will be lifted, your forehead will be more rejuvenated and give your whole face a more refreshed appearance. Brow lift surgery will correct a heavy, sagging brow and deep furrows will be reduced or eliminated.

Reasons for getting the brow lift surgery

The common issue with sagging and heavily furrowed brow is the tired, worried or even angry look. Some people have ticker brow, so these facial expressions can be more expressive. A brow lift surgery will directly affect these issues.

After this procedure, your appearance will no longer be mistaken for worry, sadness or angry look, and many people may find you more approachable. Your eyes will get brighter, and your self-confidence will get a new boost.

Finding a specialist

It is no doubt that you need to find a specialist who is experienced in facial cosmetic surgery. One of the options for this procedure can be a Dr Hodgkinson clinic, where you can rely on very experienced doctors who are board-certified.

It is very important to have a specialist by your side

When you find a potential doctor, ask him or her about their experience, training, and ask to see before and after photos. Pay attention to the people who look similar to you, so you will know what to expect. For every person, the doctor is making an individual plan. Women usually undergo this procedure, but if you are a man, make sure to find a surgeon who has experience in correcting the male brows.

How the brow lift procedure looks like

Brow lift surgery requires local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The surgeon will make one long incision, behind the hairline and from ear to ear. The surgeon will then remove excess skin, fat and other tissue, while skin and muscles will be corrected to give you a more youthful appearance. The incisions will be closed with staples or sutures, and they are usually removed after a week or two.

Brow lift procedure gives your eyes a wider look

After the brow lift surgery Sydney with Dr Hodgkinson you will get instructions on how to take care of yourself in the next period. Many people experience discomfort and pain after the procedure, but that is normal, so is the sensation of tightness. For the first few days, you will also experience swelling and bruising, but that will pass after two weeks or less.

Final word

If you are bothered by the appearance your sagging brows are giving you, you should consult with a specialist who will explain what can be done in your case, and which are the other options for achieving the results that you desire.


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