Delegate Your Skin Problems to Genuine Derma Roller

When we acquire sensitive problems such as skin issues, we have to be mandatorily particular about the products we use. We can’t rely on the brands that just boast of being the best, we have to select the right product suitable to our skin and that is genuine also. So, today we will talk about the skincare treatment that many of us may be aware of; Derma roller skincare treatment, but not any derma roller equipment. We will discuss the brand that serves real needles, Genuine Derma Roller in the following section.

What is Derma Roller?

Derma roller is a skincare handheld tool covered in tiny needles. When a derma roller is rolled over the skin, these needles prick the skin surface and create holes that result in small injuries. These injuries are temporary and do not cause any harm to the skin. 

When the skin is pierced and causes injuries, It triggers the body to start the healing process of injuries resulting in the production of collagen, formation of new blood vessels in the skin, and release of the substances that induce growth. This all results in curing of skin problems like removal of acne scars, fading of dark spots, reduction of wrinkles, and revival of skin.

But you can obtain all these benefits from Derma Roller only when you use a real derma roller device that is medically certified and tested and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. So, now Let’s talk about a brand that serves supreme quality products in the skincare world, and especially the derma roller, it provides will give you all the desired benefits.

Gin Amber Beauty Genuine Derma Roller

Gin Amber Beauty is a known brand, its derma roller is made of sophisticated tools and its ‘a professional-quality, surgical stainless steel derma rollers, which comprises 192 real individual needles.’ This brand’s derma rollers are packed in a hygienically sealed package keeping in the mind the utmost care for safety. It has also proved to absorb up to 80%  more topical product applied to the skin.

Now, let’s see some of the best real Needle Derma Rollers that Gin Amber Beauty offers.

1. 0.2mm Derma Roller-Sensitive Skin

If you have delicate and sensitive skin, then this derma roller is for you, though it’s the smallest size derma roller still it penetrates enough to activate keratinocytes that release growth factors and makes the skin glowing and pleasant.

2. 0.25mm Derma Roller- Serum Absorption

This derma roller penetrates deeper to assist in the increased serum absorption and results in diminishing scars, stimulating cell turnover, skin resurfacing, and rejuvenating.

3. 0.5mm Derma Roller-Wrinkles

Gin Amber Beauty’s this derma roller is quite effective to address deeper and serious skin concerns.

4 .0.75mm Derma Roller-Wrinkles and Hair Growth

0.75mm Derma Roller is made for treating sagging skin, shallow acne scars, hyperpigmentation, cellular turnover stimulation, and works for hair loss prevention.

5. 1.0mm Derma Roller-Acne Scars and Body

This needle penetrates deep enough and reaches the papillary layer of the dermis section of the skin layers where it treats deep acne scars, advanced skin wrinkles.

6. 1.5mm Derma Roller-Stretch Marks


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