Effects and Medicinal Benefits of Indica Strains

Indica strains have genetically evolved from the mountains of Hindu Kush. These cannabis grow at harsh and cold mountain regions. Due to its rough structure it has concrete bushes and larger leaves. The strains have a lot many medicinal uses that even makes it more favorable for the people. Apart from that, the strains can even help you in relaxing your mind.

Effects of Indica Strains

According  to the recent studies, the Indica strains are considered to be strong essence strains that have drowsy and calming properties. It has a high concentration of THC that makes the strain even more impactful over the body and mind. This is why users prefer consuming this type of strain in the evening once their work is over.

It has the ability let the user experience ‘couchlock’. In such a scenario, the users feels so woozy that they can’t even lift themselves up from the couch to go to another room.

Your mind would stop accepting things for few moments while everything around you would feel like rotating. Sometimes the effects get so heavy that you might hallucinate, but there’s a high probability that such scenarios won’t happen that easily.

The body will experience terrific physical effects during this time frame. The cracked muscles would get relief, bodily pain would reduce, your tongue might just get dry and your head would get heavy.

Medicinal benefits of Indica Strains

The Indica Strains have some of the most effective medicinal benefits.

(i) It reduces the anxiety issues

The Indica Strains are impactful stress busters than can relax you down. It has high concentration of THC and CBD. Due to this it produces chemicals inside the body that works on anxiety issues and reduces them. The sensation of calmness develops inside body which helps in maintaining peace.

(ii) It gives a sound sleep

It has been scientifically proven that the Indica strains are the best thing to consume if you want a sound sleep. As the eyes gets heavy and the body gets light, it’s quite obvious that the body will demand some rest. And once you close your eyes after consuming the strain, you are going to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

(iii) Reduces swelling and pain

The Indica Strains have worked miraculously over the bodily injuries and pains. The strains have effectively reduced any kind joint pains, bone aches. Not just that it has also reduced the swelling over the bodies. This is possible due to the presence of high concentration of CBD in the Indica Strains.

Some of the Best Indica Strains

Some of the best Indica Strains that you can consume to vibe and relax are :-

(i) Ice Cream Cake

(ii) Strawberry Banana

(iii) Blackwater

(iv) Gelato

v) Cream

(vi) Legend OG

(vii) Banana Punch

(viii) King Louis


So these were some of the very basic information about the Indica Strain that you should know. This would help you in getting a clarity about the strain.


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