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Newsroom - Pace Yourself: How to Help Avoid Injuries While Running

Injuries are very common among athletes, especially runners. Rigorous practice sessions, along with performance stress, can cause many injuries. But if you don’t recover well from the injuries, you cannot perform the best. Running is not bad for you unless you are running with injuries that can cause permanent damage. If you want to avoid frequent injuries, you have to ensure that you follow the tips that minimize the risks o injuries. Read more [อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai]o know about the ways to keep yourself safe. 

  1. Reduce bodyweight

Bodyweight is one of the chief factors that can affect the bones of your legs and the muscles as well. Less bodyweight implies applying lesser force on the lower limbs as you run. So you need to put control on your weight as long as you are planning to run, be it for sports or for staying fit. You can easily reduce body weight by performing non-running activities like swimming, bike riding, walking, or gym-based exercises. You also have to control the diet so that you don’t end up with the input of more calories than you can burn in a day. If hormonal imbalance is enhancing the body weight, don’t forget to consult the doctor. 

  1. Maintain consistency

Be continuous with running exercise. The activity is not something that you will do one day, take rest for another couple of days and then again start running. Running once or twice a week will always increase the chances of injuries. It is better to include a maximum of 24 hours of non-running duration between two running sessions. If you are in the sport, then you will be obviously practicing every day, but that too, maintaining the stress and strain factors. Following a structured program will help avoid injuries. 


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