The complete details of Rhodiolarosea

Rhodiola Rosea extract also known as golden root or arctic root is a plant that has been very important in the traditional medical field over the years. This plant grows cold arctic climate areas such as Europe, Siberia, Asia as well as Alaska, Iceland, Greece and France, and other cold countries. Some people use the arctic root name instead of Rhodiolarosea that is the trademarked name of specific commercial extract.

Uses and Effectiveness of Rhodiola roses

Improving Athletic performance.

There is discrepancy evidence on the effectiveness of Rhodiola for increase performance of athletic.  Dosage of this medicine short term is good to improve athletic performance and the long term dosage makes the muscle damage due to the exercise.

Altitude Sickness

Prior research shows that taking Rhodiola four times per day during the 7 days and that does not improve the blood oxygen or oxidative stress in the people in high stature condition.


Prior research shows that the dosage of Rhodiola extracts twice a day for 14 days, can improve anxiety levels and reduce the feeling of anger, confusion, and poor mood in the students with anxiety.

Bladder cancer

The early researcher recommends that Rhodiola provide some benefits in bladder cancer. Hence does not reduce the risk for relapse.


After the 6 weeks of dosage Rhodiola extract to improve the symptoms of depression in people.

Heart Damage Caused by the drug epirubicin

The researcher suggests taking a Rhodiola constituent called salidroside starting a week before chemotherapy and proceeding throughout chemotherapy reduces the heart damage caused by the chemotherapy drug epirubicin.


Taking of Rhodiola might decrease fatigue in a stressful situation. Specific Rhodiola extract appears to decrease fatigue and increase the sense of night sift works, night studies students and sleepless military men.  Some research shows it develops the mental performance in tired metal tasks and other research shows it doesn’t work.

Premature ejaculation.

The Rhodiola with other important ingredients combination might slightly increase the how long it takes to ejaculate and increase a man’s control over the ejaculation but it needs to confirm by high-quality research.


Specific Rhodiola extract taking before breakfast and lunch can improve stress symptoms in people with life pressure, people experiencing pressure burnout and anxiety student.

Side Effect and Safety of Rhodiolarosea

Rhodiola is possibly safe when taken dosage twice a daily for the short term Astragalus Extract (84687-43-4) . The safety of long term not know might cause giddiness, dizziness, mouth drought and excessive saliva. Safely avoid taking during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Diabetes should avoid this medicine because it reduces your blood sugar level too low.



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