What is nutrition and its function?

Generally, many people know that nutrition is important in our daily life. But, did they actually know the meaning of nutrition? Many people cannot differentiate between food and nutrition as people thought that they were similar. Actually, food and nutrition are different. Food refers to what we eat to continue our life and to get some energy from it in order for us to carry out our daily activities. Our body needs food for growth and health. In contrast, nutrition is a study. It is a study about food, and how food can give us energy to maintain our daily life and keep us healthy. It includes all the processes starting from we consuming the food, digesting it, metabolizing it, how the nutrients in the food were stored in our body and last but not least, we learn about how these nutrients affect our bodies. Apart from that, nutrients are also a study about the factor that contributes to our eating pattern, giving us the adequate or recommended amount of some food that we should take for each of it, food safety maintenance, and detecting issues about the global food supply.

If we compare nutrition and other related scientific studies in this world such as chemistry, biology or physics, nutrition can be assumed as a newcomer compared to the others. The cultivation, preservation and preparation of food has contributed a crucial role in human’s life for years, but in the West, nutrients were only known to be an important contributor to people’s health only during the past 400 years.

As we all know, proper nutrient intake in our daily life can contribute to our health. It will help us to improve our health, can prevent us from getting some diseases, help us to achieve and maintain our ideal body weight, and keep us always energetic by maintaining our energy and vitality. As an example, if we consider that most people eat an average of three times daily, this will result in almost 11,000 opportunities within a 10-year period for nutrition to affect our health. That was totally a big number and we can definitely take a lot of advantage from nutrition.

Nutrient is one of the factors that supporting wellness. For a long time ago, wellness was defined as simply as if the people were free from any disease. However, as we have learned further about our health, we can conclude that wellness was actually a multidimensional process, including physical, spiritual and emotional health. When we talk about wellness, there are two critical aspects that we should focus to, that are nutrition and physical activity. They are closely related as they two connected to function well. For example, the total energy that we spend in our daily life by doing some activities will influence the overall state of nutrition in our body, and the indicator on how we would use the nutrients in our food is determined by our daily level of physical activities. So, from here we can understand that nutrition and physical activity play a major role and give a big impact to each other. A nutritious diet can help us to perform more activities for a longer period of time, whereas we can be so lethargic if we take inadequate or excessive food intake. We can get serious health problems if we normalize ourselves to a poor diet, inadequate or excessive physical activity, or a combination of them. Finally, several researches have given a proof that healthful nutrition and regular physical activity can reduces the feelings of anxiety and depression, and also can increase the feelings of well-being. In conclusion, we can conclude that nutrition play an important role in our life and it give a major impact to our health and wellness.

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