What Would Be Your Cost of Dental Implants?

Are you embarrassed to show your brilliant smile because of a missing tooth? With today’s technology and science, you can achieve anything. You can have prosthetic teeth with a dental implant. Anybody can get a dental implant irrespective of their age.

What Would You Call A Dental Implant?

People often mistake the whole artificial tooth for an implant. However, a dental implant is just the artificial root that a dentist puts into your jaw bone upon which goes the prosthetic tooth. These artificial teeth are no different from natural teeth in appearance and function. Keep in mind that anyone can go for dental implant surgery with healthy gum and jaw bone. If you have oral health issues or jawbone that can’t support the implant, you probably can’t have surgery.

How Much Would It Cost You?

Dental treatment can be daunting if you have no dental insurance plan. However, you would worry less about the dental implant cost Idaho offers with Taylorview Dental. They even provide in-house insurance plans. Once you pay full premium on the first visit, you can start with the insurance plan.

The cost of an implant may vary due to various reasons. Generally, a single implant would cost you around $1,500 to $6,000 whereas a full-mouth implant would cost you more than $40,000. Another less expensive option is All-on-4 that costs around $15,000 for one arch. It means four implants would support ten to fourteen teeth.

Factors That Affect Your Implant Cost

  • The state of your gum, teeth, and jaw bone.
  • The location where you are getting the implant.
  • Insurance coverage for dental implants.
  • Other necessary surgery before the implant like bone grafting.
  • The number of teeth that you want to replace and their positions.
  • Number and type of implants.

You cannot decide the type of tooth implant you want just by yourself. You have to first consult with the dentist on what is necessary and your options.


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