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Since the follicles have not been permanently damaged, psychogenic alopecia is reversible in the majority of cases. For want of a better phrase, it is technically possible for the situation to stabilize and for the hair to begin to grow again; nevertheless, specific therapies must be performed in order to achieve this goal.

There are many different treatments for stress alopecia, ranging from psychological counseling to pharmacological therapy. The latter is sometimes used in combination with the former to improve the chance of a more effective fight against the disease. For the most outstanding results, it is generally preferable to contact a trichological specialist who will advise on the most suitable trichological treatment for each particular case. This is where the UK Meds come up perfect.

The Complications

The disease is often treated with medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. Although they do not address the underlying cause, they are a valuable tool in combating the effects of stress and slowing the progression of psychogenic alopecia. Minoxidil and Finasteride are two such treatments. At the same time, the medicines promote the natural regeneration of human hair.

  • Beyond taking specific medications, combining the therapy with cosmetic treatments specifically designed to stimulate the hair bulbs is possible. These include shampoos, lotions, vials, supplements, and other therapies that can be performed on the affected areas, such as laser therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatment, which can help to restore hair growth by moving the cycle forward.
  • The treatments are all targeted at decreasing the thinning regions on the scalp, and they should be carried out in accordance with the doctor’s instructions whenever possible. When it comes to collaboration, patients must be meticulous in following the guidelines set by the expert. They must also avoid the use of aggressive goods or items that are not appropriate for treating the pathology at hand.

Suppose you are successful in reducing stress and eliminating the stimulus. In that case, you will experience a restoration of the proper functioning of the body and, as a result, restoration of all activities. Additionally, the equilibrium in the production of hormones is restored, resulting in a return of follicular activity. As a result, we are able to aid in the re-growth of hair.

Alopecia areata (stress alopecia)

Although the exact causes of stress alopecia are unknown, it is known that the presence of severe stress circumstances in the body, which produce a hormone released by the brain and pituitary gland, is associated with the development of psychogenic alopecia. So it is not a matter of androgens or dihydrotestosterone, which are hormones that, on the other hand, play a crucial part in the development of androgenetic baldness. Stress alopecia is a kind of alopecia that mainly affects the scalp, as opposed to other variations that often impact body hair as well.


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