Back Pain: Youth And Care Leaving Your Body

The hustle and bustle of cities and people’s busy lives have made them ignorant of their health and physical well-being. Being engrossed with the official and social activities, only with interest in reaping monetary benefits, people have become ignorant of their fitness regime. This has led to health issues, not only affecting elders but the young generation as well. One of the very common yet crippling issues today is held to be the reason behind workplace absenteeism. 

Back Pain: Causes And Effects

Back pain (ปวดหลัง, which is the term in Thai) as a result of lifestyle, working practices and sitting for long intervals, can affect people. While pain in the upper back can directly be linked to tumors and spinal inflammation, lower back pain is a result of problems with ligaments, spines, nerves, muscles, or organs. The risk of pain and age are directly proportional to each other, and it is seen that as the age increases, lower back pain increases as well because of occupational drawbacks or disk diseases. 

Damage to the back can be a direct consequence of medical conditions, poor seating skills, strain, etc. A few of the major causes of back pain are: 

  • The commonest of the common reasons is through tension, injuries. This can be because of damaged disks, fractures, muscular tension, etc. Lifting heavy objects or moving uncomfortably, etc. 
  • It can directly affect impoverished posture and shoulder issues, including pushing, bending, twisting, lifting, and other such activities did excruciatingly.
  • Back pain can also be the result of bulging and ruptures of a disk, arthritis, etc.
  • Spinal tumors and fever, or other inflammatory diseases may lead to pain. 
  • Pregnancy, obesity, smoking, etc., have also been recognized as a major factor.

Back Pain Or Something Dangerous? 

There are times when back pain can be a sign of something riskier, which should be taken as warning signals and be put on the priority list of treatment and be checked up by a medical professional as soon as possible. The signals may be in any form as stated below:  

1Back pain with fever Bone tumor or nerve compression
2Unexplained weight lossCancer 
3Numbness or weaknessNerve compression 
4Chronic back pain for more than 3 months Get yourself diagnosed ASAP 
5Abnormal excretion Nerve compression 

Preventive Ways To Avoid Back Pain

The following factors, if addressed, might help to lower the risk of body pain: 

  • Exercise: With regularity in doing exercises concerned with core strengthening and flexibility, one can control body weight in various areas of the body and improve heart rate.  
  • Smoking: Discontinuance of smoking practices can significantly lead to a lower risk of back pain. 
  • Posture: A neutral pelvic posture, while standing straight with the head facing front and back straight, weight evenly spread on both feet, and a position with straight legs and head In a line of spine is to be maintained to avoid the risk. 
  • Diet: A rich diet with vitamins and calcium aids in better bone health and managed body weight.

If one is not a big fan of premature back pain, he/she should start taking proper care of him/her today and live a carefree future. 


Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.