Cannabis buying and growing guide

Planning a backyard garden requires determining the layout, gathering supplies, and working the soil. And once that is done, the grower starts stocking seeds to get started with early germination to ensure a fully green and lush garden. 

The same is the situation with growing cannabis from seeds. 

In this blog, we will take a quick look at the process of buying and growing cannabis.

Benefits of growing cannabis from seeds

Cannabis can be grown using seeds and clones. But, many people opt for seeds because seeds have the ability to produce tap roots that anchor the plant properly in the soil. Clones, on the other hand, aren’t able to do the same, making them less sturdy and impotent to absorb the nutrients. 

Taproots can also dig deeper into the ground, especially when planted outdoor, in search of water and vital nutrients. Plus, you can find a variety of seeds as opposed to clones in the seed bank. 

Things to consider when purchasing strains

Here are some things that you must consider when you buy marijuana seeds for growing purpose:

1- Space restriction: Indica strains, compared to Sativa strains, consume less space; this trait of Indica and Sativa can be traced back to their origin. 

Indica first originated in areas that had fluctuating weather conditions, resulting in sturdy, smaller, and quicker growing plants. Whereas Sativa is from equatorial regions, so they tend to grow larger and take a longer time to mature. 

This means Indicas are best for indoor growing and Sativas for outdoor. 

2- Grow requirement: Some cannabis plants require more attention than others. So, to produce high yields, the grower should consult the seed banks or breeders about the best methods for growing the particular strain. Ask for the nutrient requirement, and average grow time too. 

3- Personal Preference: Above anything else, you must also consider your own personal preference. After all, you are adding your precious efforts and time, so grab this opportunity to grow unique and popular strains or your favorite strain. Ensure that the yield benefits you in some or another way. 

How to determine the cannabis seed quality? 

In order to obtain high yields and top-quality buds, you require growing top-shelf cannabis seeds. 

If possible, avoid leftover seeds from the sacks because they may be male or hermaphrodite, meaning the seeds might be weak, unable to germinate, prone to stress, or have a genetic disease. 

But thankfully, there are ways to determine the quality of the seeds. All you need are your keen eyes. 

Inspect the appearance of the seeds. Immature seeds are small, brittle, have a light green or gray color. Old seeds are cracked and dried. Both of them have a low success rate of germination. 

The sign of a healthy seed is dark brown with a glossy finish and, of course, no cracks. Plus, a firm shell doesn’t break when minor pressure is applied. 

Signing off

Growing cannabis has become a way of expressing your newfound freedom since the legalization. So, use this freedom to your benefit by referring to our guide to buy marijuana seeds and grow them effortlessly. You can buy marijuana seeds from


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