6 Eyelash Extension Styles to Choose From to Flaunt the Beauty of Your Eyes during Summer

Once the cold months are over and summer starts slowly stepping in, not only pleasant warmth spreads everywhere, but a fashion-inspiring environment also spreads.

Summer is the season for vibrant fashions, including clothes, hairstyles, trinkets and even eyelashes!

Yes, as you don’t have to keep your face covered to protect it from cold winds, you can flaunt the beauty of your eyes which you can enhance even more with something like the trendy eyelash extensions Potts Point.

Image Courtesy: fancylash.net

So, if you’re looking for an all new look this summer, you can choose between some hot lash extension styles and enjoy your looks. Here they are.

Why Should You Wear Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions can beautify your eyes in a dramatic way and just need a little time of yours. They will add length and volume to your lashes without any pain.

Plus, you can customise them as per the length and volume you desire. Whether you want natural-looking lashes, full lashes or anything in between, there are lash extensions for you.

1. Natural Lash Extensions

The best option in lash extensions is natural eyelash extensions available at Fancy Lash, for example,because they bring you the best of both worlds.

You can get an enhanced look with natural lash extensions and you also won’t have to get conscious as they look just natural and not something extraordinary.

You can either accentuate certain areas of your eyes with them or just fill in gaps, thus achieving natural, beautiful and practical looks.

2. Volume Lash Extensions

While new trends keep coming and going in the fashion industry, there is one trend that has been around and long been popular – it’s volume lashes.

Volume lashes are ideal for celebrities. But they are alsoright for non-celeb yet bold ladies who want to get focused and catch attention.

Image Courtesy: fancylash.net

3. Magnetic Lash Extensions

Magnetic lash extensions have got a twist.

Unlike regular extensions that are attached with professional glue, they are applied with very tiny magnets that fuse together when attached to your natural lashes.

They are available in a range of styles and are reusable.

4. Textured Lash Extensions

If you’re not hesitant about a celebrity look, go for textured lash extensions which are a sharp, stunning lash style having a staying power.

They include combining various lash lengths and offer a dramatic textured look to your lashes and accentuate your eyes.

5. Feather Lash Extensions

Although they are named so, feather lash extensions are not actually feather, but are mink and silk. They are light and soft, and thus ideal for daily use.

They are also available in various sizes and can offer you a natural and thick finish.

These lightweight lashes are just right for summers and help you look your best during beach holidays or at any event.

6. Coloured Lash Extensions

With the rising temperature, you can consider making a statement with something bold, like coloured lash extensions.

There are endless possibilities of styles with coloured lashes as you can choose a single tone, two tones or a combination of multiple hues.

So, are you ready to celebrate the summertime with the various eyelash extension styles?


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