A Little Time for Yourself

In today’s fast paced world, so many things vie for your time and attention, but it is hard to give and give when you feel rung out. Spending a little time, money and effort on yourself could be looked at as selfish or it could be looked at as filling yourself back up in a healthy way so that you can keep giving. The following tips address the latter and may help your round out yourself care.

Find Some Balance

There are many things that can make you feel off-balance. Consider giving a boost to both mind and body by getting some fresh air and exercise, sound sleep and meditation. Join the local yoga studio Bainbridge Island WA residents attend to find balance. Indulge in a bit of healthy socialization so you can balance your hard work with a bit of rejuvenating fun.

A Matter of Appearances

It is often true that looking good makes you feel good as well, but it can also have some health benefits. Getting a manicure for instance, can help keep you from chewing your nails, which in turn can help keep your teeth in better shape. When nails are trimmed properly during a  pedicure it can stave off ingrown nails or reveal issues with fungus. Get a good haircut that is easy to style so that you reduce the number of stress-inducing bad hair days.

A Beautiful Mind

An astute mind is a real asset at work, but can become a bit one-sided. You may benefit from stimulating your imagination or building up your self-confidence. Spend a little time in a good science fiction book or indulge your passion for history. Take a cooking class or learn how to paint. A few minutes with a crossword puzzle or Sudoku can help keep your mind sharp as well.

Above all, do not let yourself feel guilty when helping yourself become a healthier person. Spending a little time in self-care can help make you more well-rounded and interesting – even to yourself.


Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.